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Alright, so I am, out of a gazillion girls, a big Directioner, so I thought; Why not create a group where all Directioners can unite and gush about the boys together? So I decided to create the Pussy Patrol, a One Direction Appreciation Group! 

What is the Pussy Patrol? 

It is where all of us Directioners, from ALL AROUND THE WORLD (forget all of that US/UL feud, ok?) can actually BE A FANFOM TOGETHER! We all love the boys equally, so we can love them together! 

What will we be doing in the Pussy Patrol? 

Well, obviously, we will be talking about One Direction, sharing pictures, sharing videos - and I was actually thinking of making a challenge every week for everyone to complete! Also, we will be celebrating all of the One Direction Anniversaries out there together hahahaha! Its just a place where we can bond over the boys and show our love for them :) 

First challenge: To create a video to send to One Direction for their Anniversary, 23rd July - the date they were formed as a band!

How do I get into the Pussy Patrol? 

  • Must be following either HERE or HERE


  • Follower count does NOT MATTER! 
  • This is NOT a promo group, so we wont be doing any of that (unless you message each other privately!)
  • I will pick up to 25-30 blogs MAXIMUM! 
  • I will be choosing someone to be an admin with me! 
  • I will choose who will be in it when I think this has reached enough notes :)
  • I will message those who were chosen, and you will have 24 hours to accept the request or else I will choose someone else in your place!

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